Saturday, 26 May 2018

All 7 ITR Forms Released For E-Filing: IT Dept

All 7 ITR Forms Released For E-Filing: IT Dept
New Delhi: The Income Tax Department today launched and activated all the seven ITR forms for e-filing by taxpayers, after more than a month of them being notified.

“All ITRs for AY 2018-19 are now available for e-filing,” the department said in a statement.The Central Board of Direct Taxes had notified the new Income Tax Return forms for the assessment year 2018-19 on April 5.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

बिहार के सम्बंधित क्षेत्रीय कार्यालयों के लिपिक संवर्ग पदों पर भारती और प्रोन्नति का आधार एवं प्रक्रिया

घर बनाने के लिय अब २५ लाख तक एडवांस ले सकेगे राज्य कर्मी

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Revised Travelling Allowance applicable to Central Government Employees with effect from 1st July 2017 – Most of the 7th Pay Commission recommendations accepted by Govt.

Revised Travelling Allowance applicable to Central Government Employees with effect from 1st July 2017 – Most of the 7th Pay Commission recommendations accepted by Govt.

Travelling Allowance and Daily Allowance for Central Government Employees are payble to Central Government Employees to meet out their expenses for Travel, Stay and Food when they perform their official duty outside their place of posting

EMPLOYEE NEWS & PAY COMMISSION : 4 लाख 39 हजार पेंशनर्स को सातवां वेतनमान देने पर आ...

EMPLOYEE NEWS & PAY COMMISSION : 4 लाख 39 हजार पेंशनर्स को सातवां वेतनमान देने पर आ...: राज्य सरकार प्रदेश के 4 लाख 39 हजार पेंशनर्स को शासकीय कर्मचारियों के समान ही 1 जनवरी 2016 से सातवां वेतनमान देने जा रही है। इस बारे में म...

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Amendment of Rule 16(1) of AIS (Death-Cum-Retirement-Benefits) Rules, 2018

(Department of Personnel and Training)
New Delhi, the 16th May, 2018
G.S.R.457(E). — In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) read with sub-section (1A) of section 3 of the All India Services Act, 1951 (61 of 1951), the Central Government, after consultation with the Government of Jammu and Kashmir, hereby makes the following rules, further to amend the All India Services (Death-Cum-Retirement-Benefits) Rules, 1958, namely :-
1 (1) These rules may be called the All India Services (Death-Cum-Retirement-Benefits) Amendment Rules, 2018.
(2) They shall be deemed to have come into force from the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.
2. In the All India Services (Death-Cum-Retirement-Benefits) Rules, 1958 in rule 16, after the third proviso under sub-rule 1, the following proviso shall be inserted, namely :-
“provided also that a Member of the Service holding the post of Chief Secretary to the Government of Jammu & Kashmir may be given extension of service, under exceptional circumstances, for a period beyond six months but the total term as Chief Secretary not exceeding three years and up to the age of sixty-two years, whichever is earlier, on the recommendations made by the State Government of Jammu & Kashmir, with full justification and in public interest, with the prior approval of the Central Government”.
[F.No. 24012/04/2018-AIS-II]

Note : The principal rules were published in the Gazette of India, vide No. G.S.R. 728 (Extraordinary) Part II, Section 3, Sub-section (i) dated the 18th August, 1958 and subsequently amended by the following notifications:-
Si. No.GSR No.Date
1.52604th September, 1964
2.52703rd April, 1965
3.52803rd April, 1965
4.52903rd April, 1965
5.57217th April, 1965
6.21512th February, 1965
7.191517th February, 1966
8.59003rd March, 1968
9.68706th July, 1974
10.75502nd July, 1974
11.94607th September, 1974
12.27(E)24th January, 1975
13.72414th June, 1975
14.226423rd August, 1975
15.263508th November, 1975
16.203020th December, 1975
17.12831st January, 1976
18.19614th February, 1976
19.31606th March, 1976
20.50410th April, 1976
21.75805th June, 1976
22.75705th June, 1976
23.118214th August, 1976
24.176525th December, 1976
25.57907th May, 1977
26.83002nd July, 1977
27.83102nd July, 1977
28.1598(E)6th November, 1977
29.1700(E)24th December, 1977
30.252(E)18th February, 1978
31.253(E)18th February, 1978
32.460(E)08th April, 1978
33.922(E)22nd July, 1978
34.924(E)22nd July, 1978
35.214(E)02nd January, 1979
36.161(E)03rd February, 1979
37.373(E)03rd February, 1979
38.1151(E)15th September, 1979
39.1291(E)22nd October, 1979
40.512(E)10th May, 1980
41545(E)17th May, 1980
42546(E)17th May, 1980
43978(E)27th September, 1980
44248(E)07th March, 1981
45276(E)14th March, 1981
46705(E)01st August, 1981
47293(E)09th January, 1983
48557(E)03rd July, 1983
49712(E)Olst October, 1983
5033(E)21st January, 1984
51559(E)15th June, 1985
52813(E)31st August, 1985
53275(E)22nd May, 1987
54343(E)03rd April, 1988
55271(E)06th July, 1988
56567(E)16th July, 1988
5791(E)25th February, 1989
58420(E)21st February, 1990
59101(E)16th February, 1991
602890(E)23rd November, 1991
61308(E)19th June, 1993
62717(E)19th December, 1997
63718(E)19th December, 1997
64249(E)13th May, 1998
65252(E)18th May, 1998
66259(E)22nd May, 1998
67548(E)31st August, 1998
68719(E)07th December, 1998
6935(E)14th January, 1999
70702(E)01st September, 2000
71355(E)14th May, 2001
72524(E)11th July, 2001
7349(E)18th January, 2002
74779(E)12th November, 2002
75385(E)07th May, 2003
76105(E)06th February, 2004
77820(E)20th December, 2004
78617(E)30th September, 2005
79699(E)30th November, 2005
80727(E)20th December, 2005
81360(E)12th June, 2006
8220(E)12th January, 2007
8358(E)31st January, 2007
84184(E)09th March, 2007
85585(E)28th July, 2011
86612(E)09th August, 2011
87492(E)12th July, 2013
88175(E)05th March, 2014
89170(E)27th February, 2017

RAILWAY & RBE ORDERS: RBE No.69/2018 - Allowing staff of Technicians cat...

RBE No.69/2018


No. E(NG)1/2018/PM 1/2
New Delhi, dated May 14,2018
The General Managers (P),

All Indian Railways &

Production Units.

(as oer standard list)
Sub: Allowing staff of Technicians category in Grade Pay Rs.1800/- working in EMU, DEMU and MEMU Sheds to volunteer for selection against 50% quota of ALPs.
The National Federation of Indian Railways (NFIR) had raised the issue regarding allowing staff of Technicians category working in EMU, DEMU & MEMU Sheds to volunteer for selection against 50% quota of Assistant Loco Pilots (ALPs).

RAILWAY & RBE ORDERS: Comprehensive procedure, guidelines and check list...



New Delhi, dated 25.04.2018
The General Managers,

All Indian Railways & Production Units.
Sub:- Comprehensive procedure, guidelines and check list for empanelment of private hospitals.

Ref:- SER’s letter no. CMD/SER/Hosp. Tie-up/2303 Dated 14.11.2017.

RAILWAY & RBE ORDERS: Relieving of staff on transfer on mutual exchange ...

No. E(NG)I-2017/TR/24
New Delhi,Dt. 08.12.2017
General Managers (P)
All Zonal Railways/Production Units etc.
(as per standard list)
Sub: Relieving of staff on transfer on mutual exchange basis
Ref: Railway Board’s letter No. E(NG)I-2017/TR/24 dated 15.09.2017 and 22.09.2017.
Zonal Railways were advised to implement all pending requests of mutual transfers which had been accepted by both Zones/Units by 30.09.2017. Status of action taken in this regard as received from

Revision of rates of damage for unauthorized occupation of Railway accommodation.

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways including Production Units,
(As per Standard Lists No.s I, II, III)

No. F(X)I-99/11 /1                                                               New Delhi, dated 10.05.2018
Sub.:Revision of rates of damage for unauthorized occupation of Railway accommodation.
Ref.: (i) Board’s letter No.2018/Trans. Cell/Process Reforms/Estt. dated 05.04.2018.
(ii)Ministry of Urban Development, Directorate of Estates’ O.M. No. 18011/1/2015-Poi.III dated 07.09.2016.

RBE No. 59/2018 - State Railway Provident Fund – Rate of interest during the year 2018-19 (April, 2018 to June, 2018)

RBE No. 59/2018
No. F(E)III/2003/PF/1/1                    New Delhi, Dated :  18.04.2018
The GMs/Principal Financial Advisers,
All Zonal Railways/Production Units etc.,
(As per mailing list)
Subject:- State Railway Provident Fund – Rate of interest during the year 2018-19 (April, 2018 to June, 2018).

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Review Of Recruitment Rules And Service Rules

Review of the Recruitment Rules/Service Rules (RRs/SRs) – recruitment rules should be reviewed once in 5 years with a view to effecting such change

DoPT OM on review of recruitment rules.


Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

Department of Personnel and Training Establishment-I Division


Defence Pension Benefits Can Be Extended Even If No Aadhaar Is Possessed

PCDA to adopt the mechanism for extending the benefits to beneficiaries who do not possess Aadhaar – Circular No.201 – Use of Aadhar in Benefit Schemes of Government-Exception Handling

PCDA Circular regarding Use of Aadhar in Benefit Schemes of Government-Exception Handling

O/o the principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions)

Draupadighat, Allahabad – 211014

Circular No.201

No. AT/Tech/30-XX

No Selfies Please, This Is A Pension Form, Government Tells Retiring Employees

Selfies can’t be used as photographs in pension forms, the personnel ministry has told central government employees readying for retirement.

Issuing a fresh set of dos and don’ts for civil pensioners, the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions has also ruled out photographs with coloured and dark glasses and long hair covering the eyes.

“Do not paste/upload black and white photographs. Dimensions of photographs and signature should not be smaller that the box provided in the application form. Photograph should not be in the form of selfie,” it said in its recent directive.

Central government civil pensioners are required to submit three copies of a joint photograph (or separate photographs) with their wives or husbands (duly attested by head of office) along with form 5 of the Central Civil Service Pension Rules 1972 for affixing on a payment pension order.

Orders, Guidelines And Instructions In The Case Of Husband And Wife Working For Central Government

What are all the regulations, Guidelines and instructions in the case of Husband and Wife both working for Central Government in the situations such as applying for House Building Advance, Medical Attendance Rules, Children Education Allowance, Leave Travel Concession Etc ?

How a married couple is treated in various Central Government service matters when both Husband and Wife are serving in Central Government?

The need to have a clarity on this subject gains much significance because treatment of them could differ in each law as each one would treat them according to the intention of the particular law.

E-PPO to all Defence Pensioners implemented to reduce delays in pension disbursementPension Payment Order by Electronic Means – Principal Controller of Defence Accounts started issuing E-PPO to all Defence Pensioners

Pension Payment Order is an imporant document as far as Pensioners are concerned which determines the Pension to be fixed at the time of retirement. Until October 2017, process of issuing PPO was done manually by PCDA.Since then E-PPOs are being issued in the case of Commissioned Officers and JCOs.

Now, PCDA has started issuing E-PPO for all defence pensioners including defence civilians. It is expected that E-PPO would considerably reduce delay in Pension disbursements and Revised Pension fixation.

Press Release issued by PCDA in this regard is as follows

Press Information Bureau

Government of India

CGHS Delhi- Additional List of CGHS approved Empanelled Hospitals

CGHS Delhi – Empanelment of private hospitals (including dental clinics and eye centres) and diagnostic centres under CGHS Delhi & NCR. Additional List of Private Hospitals in Delhi & NCR

CGHS Office Order regarding empanelment of hospitals and diagnostic centres

No.S.11011/03/2018-CGHS (HEC)

Government of India

Directorate General of Central Government Health Scheme

Department of Health & Family Welfare


HRA in the event of non-acceptance or surrender of Residential Accommodation

Admissibility of HRA in the event of non-acceptance or surrender of Railway Residential Accommodation – Railway Board Circular dated 09.05.2018

Railway Board Circular regarding Admissibility of HRA in the event of non-acceptance or surrender of Railway Residential Accommodation

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Aadhaar may become must for booking train tickets online

If you want to book a railway ticket online through the Indian Railway Catering Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website, you may soon have to provide your Aadhaar card number to get a reservation.
Aadhaar card could soon become mandatory to book railway tickets if the recommendation of a new railway report is implemented.

Currently, the linking of Aadhaar and PAN to the IRCTC account is optional. The suggestion to link Aadhaar to the IRCTC user ID came after the Railway Protection Force (RPF) of the Central Railway arrested a tout in Oshiwara, who used illegal software to reserve tickets on multiple outstation trains.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) and Central Railway (CR) officers were also present during the questioning. After the interrogation, the CRIS and IRCTC technical heads (who were also part of the proceedings) submitted a joint report (a copy of this is with Mirror) to the railway board, which also included suggestions from the accused on how to end the racket.

7th Pay Commission – How HRA Structure Has Impacted Inflation

United Nations’ “Economic And Social Survey Of Asia And The Pacific 2018”, which was released recently, said that inflation accelerated in 2017 mainly as a result of increased food and fuel prices following severe floods in several countries and rising global oil prices.

In India, the report noted, higher inflation was also due to the housing rent allowances (HRA) for government employees recommended by the 7th pay commission.

While inflation is expected to remain stable in the forecast period, risks are posed by global oil prices, said the report. If higher oil prices require tighter monetary policy to meet the inflation target, the report added, real interest rates could exert a drag on consumption.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) as well as protracted issues of corporate and bank balance sheet problems pushed India’s economic growth downward in 2017 but a gradual recovery is expected and the country’s economy is forecast to grow at 7.2 per cent in 2018, according to a UN report.

5 Things To Watch Out For When Taking Personal Loan

A personal loan can be a life-saver. It funds you during an urgent cash requirement. However, before borrowing, one must assess the terms and conditions of the loan – what the loan costs, what the tenure is, what the late payment fine is, and so on.

To get the ideal deal on a personal loan, make sure to keep these factors in mind.

Assessing Credit Score Prior to Application

Most financial institutions check a borrower’s credit score when assessing their creditworthiness and repayment capacity. They also only vet individuals with a certain income level before considering an application. There is a possibility for an application to be rejected on account of a poor or average score. Since your credit score changes every month, it is wise to get it keep a tab on it before applying for a loan. Just Google for “free credit report” and get yours for free in two minutes.

Railways plans plane-like meals on elite trains

Come July, railways has plans to serve passengers with a ‘combo meal’ on elite trains such as Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto.

Like the food served on airplanes, the combo meal will be simple but high in taste and quality, said chairman of Railway Board Ashwani Lohani. He added that the move will be on a trial basis and if it finds favour with passengers, it will be later extended to all 64 premium trains.

Railways has decided reform its catering services through steps such as rationalising the menu and using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and CCTV cameras to flag irregularities in preparation.

“The menu would be simple, could be in the form of combo meal, comprising at best two to three items similar to what is served by airlines. High in quality and taste,” he told media persons here.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Aadhaar Lacks Regulatory Oversight: Supreme Court

After a marathon hearing lasting 38 days, the Supreme Court expressed concern over the lack of regulatory oversight in the Aadhaar superstructure and reserved judgement on the legality of the all-pervasive, mandatory nature of the unique identity scheme for residents of India.

A five-judge bench led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra was hearing a bunch of petitions against the ‘Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016.’

“What Aadhaar lacks is a hierarchy of regulators. The law seems to have many parameters, norms and offences but no intervening regulatory mechanisms,” Justice DY Chandrachud observed on Thursday, the concluding day of arguments.

All You Need To Know About New Equity Mutual Fund Categories

Sebi’s new norms for the re-categorization and rationalization of mutual fund schemes may result in some changes in the way some schemes are defined. Several fund houses have recently merged, change names and basic attributes of some schemes to comply with the new Sebi norms.

According to the circular released by Sebi on 6 th October, 2017, there will be 10 different categories of equity mutual funds. Some earlier categories remain the same with a little tweaking, while there are some earlier categories remain the same with a little tweaking, while there are some new entrants to the list.

Here are the 10 new categories introduced by Sebi and where they will invest:

Multi Cap Funds: These schemes will continue to invest across largecap, midcap and smallcap stocks. They are mandated to invest a minimum of 65 per cent of their total assets in stocks.

Supreme Court Reserves Verdict On Aadhaar Validity

After a marathon 40-day hearing on Aadhaar spanning five months, a five-judge bench of the Supreme Court on Thursday reserved its verdict on a bunch of petitions, led by ex high court judge K Puttaswamy, challenging the constitutional validity of Aadhaar on the ground that it violated citizens’ right to privacy.

The petition, filed in the SC in 2012 when Aadhaar was still in a nascent stage and had not become ‘mandatory’, has already achieved a milestone verdict from a nine-judge bench headed by then CJI J S Khehar and of which present CJI Dipak Misra was not a part of.

The nine-judge bench on August 24 last year had unanimously held that right to privacy was a fundamental right and part of every citizen’s right to life. After delivering the judgment, which overruled an eight-judge bench’s 1954 verdict in M P Sharma case, the ninejudge bench of then CJI Khehar and Justices J Chelameswar, S A Bobde, R K Agrawal, R F Nariman, A M Sapre, D Y Chandrachud, Sanjay K Kaul and S Abdul Nazeer had assigned the case to a five-judge bench.

What Are The Types Of Funds Available In NPS?

NPS offers two accounts: Tier-I and Tier-II accounts. Tier-I is a mandatory account and Tier-II is voluntary. The big difference between the two is on withdrawal of money invested in them. You cannot withdraw the entire money from Tier-I account till your retirement. Even on retirement, there are restrictions on withdrawal on the Tier-I account. The subscriber is free to withdraw the entire money from the Tier-II account.

The NPS offers two investment choices:

Active Choice: This option allows the investor to decide how the money should be invested in different assets.

Biggest Railways Ticketing Scams – Touts Book Tatkal Tickets In Just A Matter Of Seconds

You must have, sometimes, wondered how the Tatkal ticket service of the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is exhausted most of the time. How within a few minutes after the start of the Tatkal booking at the IRCTC portal, the system shows that all Tatkal tickets have been booked already. The Railways authorities recently found the answer to this problem.

In one of the biggest Railways ticketing scams, the Central Railways on May 2 arrested a man named Salman Khan, 32, from Mumbai who used fake software to help touts book Tatkal tickets in just a matter of seconds. With the help of the software, he earned over Rs 35 lakh a month, said police.

A native of Zila Gonda in Uttar Pradesh, Salman Khan had reportedly brought subscription of the software called ‘Counter V2’ from a website for Rs 5000 a month, with which he allegedly ran a network of over 5,400 agents all over the country.

What Are The Tax Benefits Of Investing In NPS?

An employee’s own contribution is eligible for a tax deduction –up to 10 per cent of the salary (basic plus DA) – under Section 80CCD(1) of the Income Tax Act within the overall ceiling of Rs 1.5 lakh allowed under Section 80C and Section 80CCE.

The employer’s contribution to NPS is exempted under Section 80CCD (2).

Moreover, individuals can claim an additional deduction of up to Rs 50,000 under Section 80CCD (1B), which is in addition to Rs 1.5 lakh permitted under Section 80C.

A self-employed person can also contribute 10 per cent of his gross income under Section 80CCD (1) in NPS.

Source - Gconnect

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Grant Of One Time Relaxation For Compassionate Appointments

Grant of One Time Relaxation for Compassionate Appointments – Resolutions adopted in the Central Executive Committee meeting of BPMS.

BPMS Resolution regarding Grant of One Time Relaxation for Compassionate Appointments


(An Industrial Unit of B.M.S)



Dated: 02.04.2018


The Secretary,

Govt. of India, Min of Defence, South Block, DHQ PO,

New Delhi – 110011

Subject: Resolutions adopted in the Central Executive Committee meeting of BPMS.

Respected Sir,

With due regards, it is submitted for your kind information that the Central Executive Committee meeting of this federation has held on 27th & 28th March, 2018 at Ordnance Factory Estate, Dehu Road, Pune and 03 Resolutions have been unanimously adopted by the CEC of the federation & the same are enclosed herewith for your kind consideration and further necessary action please.

This federation is in full hope to get favourable consideration in this regard.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Enclosed: As Mentioned

Sincerely yours


Secretary/BPMS &

Member, JCM-II Level Council (MOD)

Resolution No.2

Grant of One Time Relaxation for Compassionate Appointments

Govt. of India, DoP&T O.M. No. 14014 / 6 / 94- Estt (D) dated 09th Oct 1998 read with O.M. No. 14014/23/ 99- Estt (D) Dated 03rd Dec 1999 has a provision to give a compassionate appointment to one of the dependent for the survival of his family, if the employee unfortunately dies during his service period; leaving his family behind to survive, but it is limited to 5% of the vacancies falling under direct recruitment quota in any Group ‘C’or ‘D’ post. Not only this, under this 5% quota DR of Group ‘C’ & ‘D’ defence civilians, the dependants of Group ‘A’ & ‘B’ defence civilians and all uniformed personnel (of Army, Air Force & Navy) are being granted compassionate appointment but the 5% vacancies under DR of Group ‘A’ & ‘B’ defence civilians and uniformed personnel are not added. Due to this, a large number of wards are waiting for their appointment on compassionate grounds to look after the family.

This federation has made lot of efforts on the subject and it may be noteworthy to mention the following correspondence (1) BPMS Letter No. BPMS / MOD / Comp. Apptt. / 219 (8/3/L) . dated 04.04.2016 (2). Hon’ble RM’s DO No. 4930/VIP/RM/2016, dated 02.06.2016 (3). MOD ID No. 19(1)/2016-D(Lab), Dated 05.07.2016 (4). OFB letter No.

039(6)/PER/POLICY, Dated 14.07.2016.

Further, this issue has been discussed on several occasion with the present Raksha Mantri also but no action is seen as yet.

On the other hand, the families of dependents are suffering and are becoming desperate on account of inaction on such an important and sensitive issue.

The Central Executive Committee Meeting being held at Dehu Road (Pune) took serious cognizance of the issue and demands that the Government should take immediate necessary steps to solve the issue.

UIDAI Indirectly Seeding Bank Accounts With Aadhaar: Opponents

Bank accounts were being seeded with Aadhaar indirectly, those opposed to the scheme contended in the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Senior advocate Shyam Divan, lead counsel for a host of activists opposing the mandatory nature of the scheme, accused the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) of ‘resorting to inorganic seeding’.

“Suppose you link your Aadhaar with your pension, it gets automatically linked to your bank account,” Divan told a five-judge bench led by CJI Dipak Misra. He cited instances where people who had never consented to seeding of bank accounts with Aadhaar receiving messages from their banks that their accounts have been linked.

Divan said the court had the option of ruling in favour of the people by making Aadhaar optional and not compulsory. He said the court cannot allow a compulsory scheme masquerading as a voluntary scheme.

Government Ready With Ordinance To Reaffirm SC/ST Act

The union government is ready to promulgate the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) ordinance within a week to reverse the changes ordered by the Supreme Court in March. The government would follow it up with a Constitution amendment bill in the monsoon session of Parliament which would include the legislation in the Ninth Schedule of constitution, thereby protecting it from future judicial interventions.

Under pressure from the Opposition and its own MPs, the government has moved and circulated the draft ordinance for interministerial consultations. Sources indicated that the home ministry, ministry of tribal affairs and social justice and empowerment ministry have given their nod.

The ordinance would state that the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act would prevail in its original form. The formulation being considered says: “Notwithstanding anything contained in any judgement/ decree/order of any court or any other law for the time being, the provisions of the Act shall be valid.”

Government Likely To Withdraw Tax Notice On Free Banking Services

The tax department will likely withdraw a show-cause notice issued to several banks asking them to pay the service tax on ‘free services’ provided to customers, following the finance ministry’s intervention.
The department of financial services (DFS) has presented the views of the banks that have opposed the tax to the revenue department. “We have spoken to the revenue department and requested them not to pursue the case. The matter will be settled and the case might not be pursued further,” said a senior finance ministry official.
Some of the Directorate General of Goods and Services Tax Intelligence (DGGSTI) offices had issued the notice to some private banks, including ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and Axis Bank, and a few public sector banks, including State Bank of India (SBI), asking them to pay penalty and interest on the unpaid service tax in this regard for the period July 2012-June 2017. The DGGSTI was in the process of issuing similar notices to other banks when the finance ministry intervened, senior officials said.

Wage Row: Bank Unions Seek Govt Intervention, Set May 12 Deadline

Bank unions have sought the finance ministry’s intervention and set May 12 as the deadline to respond to their suggestions on wages and employee welfare after they rejected the Indian Banks’ Association’s (IBA’s) proposal for a 2 per cent wage hike.

The 11th bipartite agreement on wage revision could mean a big expenditure for banks, which are struggling with high non-performing assets (NPAs).

The 2 per cent wage hike will cost banks approximately Rs 5 billion, while the proposal given by the unions will cost them around Rs 120 billion, according to D T Franco, general secretary, All India Bank Officers’ Confederation.

In the last wage revision in 2012, bank employees got a 15 per cent wage hike, which roughly cost banks about Rs 83 billion, according to Franco.

7 Links That Will Tell You What Google Knows About You

Almost all of us who use the internet, use some service/product of Google. It could be Google Search, GMail, YouTube, Chrome Browser etc.,

And most of the time we are logged into our Google account. Google collects a lot of information and practically knows everything we do online and in some cases offline too.

Here are 7 links that will tell you what Google knows about you – even things we probably don’t know about ourselves or have forgotten.