Monday, 11 January 2016

Demands Vs Recommendations : NC JCM Staff Side Vs 7th Central Pay Commission

Demands of NC JCM Staff Side and the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission
NCJCM Staff Side has prepared a common Memorandum with utmost care by incorporating all common and important demands of All Central Government Employees working for Government of India and submitted it to 7th Pay Commission.
Everyone knew that the Common Memorandum was prepared after obtaining demands from all the Federations and Confederations.
In that Memorandum there was 42 demands were placed before 7th Pay Commission and NCJCM had justified their demands with appropriate explanation.
It is just an attempt to find out the fact that Did 7th Pay Commission consider all the 42 proposals? Has it accepted the demands fully or partially?
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NC JCM Staff Side7th Central Pay Commission
1. Pay scales are calculated on the basis of pay drawn pay in pay band + GP + 100% DA by employee as on 01-01-2014.1. Pay scales are calculated on the basis of pay drawn by employee as on 01-01-2016
2. 7th CPC report should be implemented w.e.f. 01-01-2014.2. Recommended Date of implementation w.e.f. 01.01.2016
3. Scrap New Pension Scheme and cover all employees under Old Pension and Family Pension Scheme.3. No. Commission has recommended to improve the functioning of NPS. It has also recommended establishment of a strong grievance redressal mechanism.
4. JCM has proposed minimum wage for MTS (Skilled) Rs.26,000 p.m.4. Based on the Aykroyd formula, the minimum pay is recommended to be set at Rs.18,000 pm
5. Ratio of minimum and maximum wage should be 1:8.5. 7th CPC has extended it to 1:12.5
6. General formula for determination of pay scale based on minimum living wage demanded for MTS is pay in PB+GP x 3.76. 2.57 fitment factor is being applied uniformly to all employees
7. Annual rate of increment @ 5% of the pay.7. The rate of annual increment is being retained at 3 percent
8. Fixation of pay on promotion = 2 increments and difference of pay between present and promotional posts (minimum Rs.3000).8. Fixation of pay on promotion = 1 increment and the difference of pay according to the cell in the Pay Matrix
9. The pay structure demanded is as under:-Exiting Proposed (in Rs.)
PB-1, GP Rs.1800 26,000
PB-1, GP Rs.1900
PB-1, GP Rs.2000] 33,000
PB-1, GP Rs. 2400]
PB-1, GP Rs.2800] 46,000
PB-2, GP Rs.4200 56,000
PB-2, GP Rs.4600]
PB-2, GP Rs.4800] 74,000
PB-2, GP Rs.5400 78,000
9. No change in New Pay Structure
PB-1 GP Rs.1800/Level-1/18,000
PB-1 GP Rs.1900/Level-2/19,900
PB-1 GP Rs.2000/Level-3/21,700
PB-1 GP Rs. 2400/Level-4/25,500
PB-1 GP Rs.2800/Level-5/29,200
PB-2 GP Rs.4200/Level-6/35,400
PB-2 GP Rs.4600/Level-7/44,900
PB-2 GP Rs.4800/Level-8/47,600
PB-2 GP Rs.5400/Level-9/53,100
10. Dearness Allowances on the basis of 12 monthly average of CPI, Payment on 1st Jan and 1st July every year10. No. Commission recommends continuance of the existing formula and methodology for calculating the Dearness Allowance