Thursday, 10 May 2018

7 Links That Will Tell You What Google Knows About You

Almost all of us who use the internet, use some service/product of Google. It could be Google Search, GMail, YouTube, Chrome Browser etc.,

And most of the time we are logged into our Google account. Google collects a lot of information and practically knows everything we do online and in some cases offline too.

Here are 7 links that will tell you what Google knows about you – even things we probably don’t know about ourselves or have forgotten.

Note: Log into your Google account before trying these links.

1. History – Here is your entire Google search history.

2. Ads – Here is what Google thinks what your interests are and shows you ads based on these interests.

3. Location History – Here are the places where you used Google to do anything.

4. Takeout – Export every information Google knows about you.

5. Dashboard – An activity page that tells you about all the Google services you are using.

6. YouTube search history – YouTube saves all of your searches too.

7. Permissions – You can see here what permissions you gave to the extensions and sites you use.

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Source - Gconnect