Friday, 8 July 2016

Implement 7th CPC recommendations to Pensiners in full deleting the words “Subject to feasibility"

With reference to comrade KKN Kutty Genl. Secy Central Govt Employees Confederation following email to S C Maheshwari Secy. Genl. BPS : All BPS Affiliates ,Associates, MOU Partners, members ,friends & supporters are once again requested to rise to the occasion and send Appeals to PM & FM to implement the pay commission recommendations concerning pensioners in full deleting the words “Subject to feasibility.

Comrade KKN Kutty Genl. Secy Central Govt Employees Confederation email :

Dear Comrade. I have seen your letter to the Finance Minister on the need to implement the pay commission recommendation concerning pensioners in full. We are thankful to you for the same. In this connection, I am to inform you that I had the opportunity to see the group of Ministers on 30th night along with the leaders of the NJCA. We have specifically mentioned this issue before the FM. He has categorically stated that the Govt. has accepted the recommendation in toto. But you know how the Indian Bureaucracy can even negate an elected Government's decision. 

The wording in the Press Statement ie. "subject to feasibility" will always hang as a democles' sword on pensioners. Kindly consider whether it would be possible for you to give a direction to all unit under BPS to send in a similar letter you have written or send a small communication demanding that the words " subject to feasibility" to be removed or replaced by "after sorting out the difficulties in implementation of the different options. 

with greetings, 

yours fraternally, 
KKN Kutty 

Source: BPS