Friday, 11 March 2016

Delay in preferment of pension claims in respect of PBORs of Army, Navy and Air Force: PCDA Circular 553


Circular No: - 553
Dated: 05/01/2016
The O I/C
Records/PAOs (OR)

Subject: Delay in preferment of pension claims in respect of PBORs of Army, Navy and Air Force in normal discharge and seeding of Aadhaar Numbers in service records and PPOs of all employees/pensioners.
Reference: This office circular No. 545 dated 01.09.2015 and 530 dated 05.12.2014.

Under existing orders, claim for service pension in respect of Personnel Below Officer Rank is required to be submitted to the Pension Sanctioning Authority concerned, viz. PCDA (P), Allahabad in respect of Army, PCDA (Navy), Mumbai in respect of Navy and JCDA (AF), New Delhi in respect of Air Force, at least four months in advance of their retirement/discharge from service. This arrangement has been made with a view to ensure that the pensionary awards in respect of the personnel are notified well before the date of their discharge/retirement and the pension certificates be handed over to them. It has been observed that above time schedule is not being adhered to by the Record Offices resulting in unnecessary delay in finalization of pensionary awards in respect of PBORs. Higher authorities have taken a serious view on the matter. It is, therefore, requested that the time-frame for submission of pension claims to the concerned Pension Sanctioning Authorities may strictly be followed in order to avoid delay in finalization of pensionary awards to the retiring personnel. This would also be helpful in reducing the CAT/Court cases, interest payment etc. at a later stage.

Further, please refer to this office Circular No. 530 dated 05.12.2014, under which revised LPC-Cum-Data Sheets for Service Pension of (PBORs) incorporating Aadhaar Number, Mobile No. and E-mail ID have been circulated. It is being observed that such information, especially Aadhaar Number are not being mentioned in the column No. 32 of revised LPC-Cum-Data Sheet by some Record Offices. It is, therefore, requested to ensure that all pension papers are processed in the revised LPC-Cum-Data Sheet format for retiring PBORs so that same may be reflected in PPOs. 

Further, a new DPDO has been established in Kannur and situated at, Mill Road, Kannur, Kerala- 670013. The allotted code for DPDO Kannur is ‘66’. Therefore, all such pensioners who are willing to draw pension from DPDO Kannur, the code number ‘66’ should be filled in relevant column of LPC-Cum-Data Sheet.

Please acknowledge receipt.

No. Gts/Tech/0148/LIV
Dated: 05.01.2016
(G.K. Baranwal)
Source: PCDA Pension

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