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1st Floor, North Avenue PO Building, New Delhi — 110001
K. K. N. Kutty
Secretary General
M. Krishnan
Dated — 13.02.2016
The National Executive meeting of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers was held on 12.02.2016 at ITEF Head Quarters (Rajouri Garden) New Delhi under the presindentship of Corn. K. K. N. Kutty. After detailed deliberations on all agenda items, the meeting took the following decision.
It is decided to make all out efforts to make the indefinite strike from 11th April 2016 a thundering success, as per the call of National Joint Council of Action (Railways,Defence, Postal & Confederation). The following decisions of theNJCA are ratified for successful implementation.To serve indefinite strike notice on 11.03.2016.To organise massive rally on 11.03.2016 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.To organize massive rally at all state headquarters and major industrial centres during the month of March/April 2016, to be addressed by the National Leaders of allNJCA constitutent organsiations.To observe 29th March 2016 as “Solidarity Day” throughout the country.Indefinite strike from 11th April 2016.In each state head quarters, leadership level a joint meeting of Confederation should be organised during the month of March 2016. The following should participate in the joint meeting.All office bearers and committee members of Confederation (C-O-Cs)state/District.All state level office bearers and committee members of each affiliated unions/Associations/Federations.
All India office bearers (National Secretariat members) of Confederation will attend the meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to review seriously the preperations made in each state for successful implementation of the indefinite strike and also to chalk out further measures to overcome the weakness or deficiencies, if any, in each state. The state level C-O-C or the C-O-Cfunctioning at the state headquarters is authorized to organize the meeting duly co-ordinating with all other C-O-Cs in the state and also with all affiliated organizations in the state.
The date on which the meeting is to be organised in each state and the names of the National Secretariat members attending the meeting are furnishing below
SI.StateDatePlaceNational   Secretariat   members attending1.Andhra/Telangana22.03.2016
(Tuesday)HyderabadM.                          Krishnan, V.    Nageshwar Rao, T.Narasimhan,    P.   Suresh,   B. Krishna Gaud, Usha Bonepalli2.Assam21.03.2016
(Monday)GuwahatiPi jush Roy, Arup Chatterjee3.Bihar28.03.2016
(Monday)PatnaR. N. Parashar, Roopak Sarkar4.Chattisgarh22.03.2016
(Tuesday)RaipurGiriraj Singh, Vrigu Bhattacharjee5.Delhi10.03.2016
(Thursday)New DelhiM. Krishnan, M. S. Raja, R. N. Parashar, Asok Kumar Kano jia6.Gujarat18.03.2016
(Friday)AhmedabadK. K. N. Kutty, R. N. Parashar7.Haryana28.03.2016
(Monday)AmbalaK. K. N. Kutty, Vrigu Bhattacharjee, R. Seethalakshmi8.Himachal Pradesh30.03.2016
(Wednesday)ShimlaM. S. Raja, R. Seethalakshmi9.Jammu & KashmirWill be
decided laterSrinagarK. K. N. Kutty or M. Krishnan10.Jharkhand15.03.2016
(Tuesday)RanchiPi jush Roy, Arup Chatterjee11.Karnataka24.03.2016
(Thursday)BangaloreM.     Krishnan,      K.P.                         Rajagopal, T.Satyanarayana12.Kerala19.03.2016
SaturdayTrivandrumM. Krishnan, K. P. Rajagopal13.Madhya Pradesh21.03.2016
(Monday)BhopalGiriraj Singh, T. K. R. Pillai, V. Purohit14.Maharashtra17.03.2016
(Thursday)MumbaiK. K. N. Kutty, R. N. Parashar, Nilesh D. Nasare, R. P. singh, K. V. Jayaraj, Ashok B. Saulankhe15.North-East (all states)22.03.2016
(Tuesday)ShillongPi jush Roy, Arup Chatterjee16.Odisha16.03.2016
(Wednesday)BhubaneshwarM. S. Raja, Giriraj Singh17.Punjab29.03.2016
(Tuesday)ChandigarhK. K. N. Kutty, R. Seethalakshmi, Vrigu Bhattacharjee18.Rajasthan23.03.2016
(Wednesday)JaipurK.   K. N.Kutty,      M.                    S. Raja,R.Seethalakshmi19.Tamilnadu25.03.2016
(Friday)ChennaiM. Krishnan, Dural Pandian, G. Mani Achari, Venkata Subramanian20.Uttar Pradesh29.03.2016
(Tuesday)LucknowR. N. Parashar, M. S. Raja21.Uttarakhand28.03.2016
(Monday)behradunVrigu           Bhattacharjee,       Giriraj       Singh,Arup Chatterjee22.West Bengal26.03.2016
(Saturday)KolkataM. Krishnan, Pi jush Roy, Roopak Sarkar
NB: – (i) The above decision should be strictly implemented (ii) If any change of date is required, it should be made only in consultation with the concerned National Secretariat member.
3. Managing bodies of all affiliated organizations should be convened immediately and planning should be made for effective implementation of the decision of NJCA and Confederation. Without convening the Managing body no effective planning is possible for any organization. Each organisation should undertake its own departmental wise campaign programme also.
4. Each affiliated organization should issue separate circular to their lower units informing the decisions of NJCA and Confederation and should instruct their lower units to implement the decision without fail. (It is reported in the National Executive meeting that General Secretaries of some of the affiliate are not issuing any instructions to their lower units and hence the lower units are not ready to implement the decision including strike). A copy of the circular issued to lower units should be sent to Confederation CHQ.
5. Each affiliated organisation should serve strike notice to their respective Departmental head on 11.03.2016. Copy of the strike notice should be sent to Confederation CHQ also. If any affiliated organisation fail to serve strike notice to their departmental head the issue regarding discontinuation of their affiliation will be decided in the next National Secretariat meeting.
6. It is decided to request the NJCA leadership to write letter to (1) all MPs of Loksabha and Rajyasabha (2) Chief Executives of all political parties, requesting their intervention in settlement of the Charter of demands submitted to Government. Press Conferences may also be held at all state headquarters on the day of the massive rally in each state.
7. All India Conference of Confederation It is decided to hold the National Conference of the Confederation from 26th to 28th August 2016 (three days) at Chennai (Tamilnadu). All India Women’s Convention will also be held along with the National Conference at Chennai on 27.08.2016 (Half day).
The delegate fee for the AIC is fixed at Rs.1000/- per delegate. All delegates including National Secretariat members (CHQ office bearers) should pay the delegate fee. The delegate fee for women’s Convention is fixed as Rs. 400/- If any lady comrade want to attend three days conference also as visitor, they should pay delegate fee of Rs.1000/. Visitors will be permitted on paying Rs.1000/- as visitor fee. The state C-O-C of Tamilnadu may commence the preparatory work for successful conduct of the AIC immediately.
8. The number of delegates eligible to attend the Conference will be decided based on the quota received for the last three years i.e; from May 2013 to March 2016 (after the last AIC to 31.03.2016). All affiliated organizations and COCs are requested to clear their full quota before 31.03.2016.
9. It is decided that the actual membership of each Union shall be declared by the Chief Executive of the organisation in the following proforma and sent to Confederation CHQ on or before 29.02.2016. Based on that membership quota is to be remitted for three years. QUOTA: ONE RUPEE PER YEAR PER MEMBER. It is further decided to write off (waive) the accumulated quota dues of all affiliates upto the last National Conference as a onetime measure.
10. It is decided that all affiliated organizations should clear their full quota for three years before 31.03.2016 WITHPUT FAIL. The address of the Financial Secretary and Bank Account Number is given below:
Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee
Financial Secretary
Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers
17/C, Kali Bari Marg, New Delhi – 110001 Mob: – 09868520926
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