Saturday, 12 December 2015

Nearly 24% salary hike for govt employees makes private sector turn green

Following the 7th Pay Commission report, there is a significant discontent among private sector employees, and employers are dealing with lowered motivation and performance levels, says a survey.

According to a survey, over 70% private sector employees regret working in the private sector after central employees bag 23.55% salary hike.

"The discontent caused in the private sector by this performance-indiscriminate hike to central government employees is palpable. And India Inc employers are having to face the brunt of this dissatisfaction with lowered motivation and performance levels," COO Vivek Madhukar said.

A large majority of respondents (68%) felt that this hike was "unfair". Another 47% respondents believe the raise has no linkage to employee performance while 30% feel the massive hike will eventually widen the public and private sector income disparity.

While the disappointment with private sector pay scales was high across experience levels, entry-level employees were the most disappointed.

About 80% junior/entry-level employees said they regretted having taken up jobs in the private sector, reveals the survey. Nearly 75% middle and senior-level employees also shared similar sentiments.

"All (100%) the professionals surveyed said private sector companies should increase minimum wages like the central government," the survey noted.

However, most private sector employees agreed that their jobs offered them more room for career growth. Close to 80% employees think private sector jobs score better over government jobs given the opportunities for growth and job change.

The survey covered over 700 professionals working in the private sector from across the country, who earn their increments based on their individual performance and contributions to the business. It had representation from employees from across sectors and experience levels.