Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Facebook Gives Its Employees a Taste of 2G Speeds

Facebook is making sure that its app works the same way regardless of whether you’re on a 2G or a 3G network. Thanks to countries like India, the social networking giant developed a ‘Lite’ version of its app. But it fails to live up to its billing.

So, how can Facebook deliver on its Lite experience promise? For starters, its own employees and developers are living the 2G-life so they can rectify issues on a real-time basis. To set the ball rolling, Facebook started the culture of 2G Tuesday wherein people at the company will be offered 2G connectivity for the day.
Learn on the Job

By adopting 2G-like internet speeds, developers will find it easy to fix any issues that show up during the testing phases. Switching to a 2G connection has been kept optional, so only the people who are working on 2G-related projects need to adhere to the ruling.

On Tuesdays, employees will get a pop-up that gives them the option to simulate a 2G connection. We hope this will help us understand how people with 2G connectivity use our product, so we can address issues and pain points in future builds.

With initiatives like 2G Tuesday, the company is sure to strengthen its Facebook Lite app, which for some reason does not show up as promised on 2G speeds. In all probability, the social networking giant is gearing itself to launch a slew of features and products in the near future optimised for use on slow internet connections.
Source - the quint